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Samsung Galaxy Watch Fit 3 Watchface review

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The most important features of the Galaxy Fit 3 Watchface

  • Large AMOLED screen
  • Ability to track sleep and more than 100 exercises
  • But it has no built-in GPS
  • Battery life up to 13 days
  • Bluetooth 5.3 support

Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 specifications table

Charging and battery208 mAh – 0 to 100% in 45 minutes
Size and weight36.8 grams – 4.29 x 2.88 x 0.99 cm
SensorsHeart rate, blood pressure, oxygen measurement sensor, accelerometer and gyroscope
Samsung Galaxy Fit 3

Design, size and strap

The straps of this watch face are made of very soft silicone. Also, the straps are connected in this model using two buttons on the back of the strap.

The screen size is 1.6 inches (4 cm) larger than the average sports watchface, which means reading information on the Fit 3 will be much easier. Also, the AMOLED screen displays accurate colors. Especially if you choose a black screen for this device. But if you choose a lighter watch face, you will see that there is a large border around it, which detracts from the attractiveness of the look.

Reply to messages and calls

One of the biggest weaknesses of the Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 is that it does not support the ability to talk. There is no speaker or microphone in this watch face. Therefore, this feature is not available in this watch face. Also, you can only send received messages from default texts.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Fit 3 Watchface review


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Galaxy Fit 3 battery and charging

The Galaxy Fit 3 has a 208mAh battery, which is about two-thirds the size of the Apple Watch Series 9 battery, but thanks to the simple operating system and lack of GPS overhead, it has an average battery life of a week.

Samsung promises up to 13 days of use on a single charge, but if you enable the always-on screen option and use it, it’ll probably last around four days on average.

Charging is done through a dedicated Samsung 2-pin cable, and it also has a magnet that will make it easier to place the charging cable on the device.

Check the quality of sleep with watch face

The Galaxy Fit 3 has Samsung’s sleep tracker, and if you’ve used a Samsung smartwatch recently, you know there’s something interesting about the experience of using this feature. After a few nights of wearing a sports watch face, you get a “sleeping animal”. There are eight different animals, each with its own meaning. In the following, we will introduce each one.

Worried Lion: For people who sleep more than the recommended eight hours.
Sensitive hedgehog: people who sleep during the day and are active at night.
Angry Penguin: People who have trouble sleeping and have a hard time falling asleep after waking up.
Rat hidden from the sun: This symbol is for those who prefer to be active at night and sleep for hours during the day.
Cautious Deer: It is for those whose sleep is interrupted.
Greg: It’s for those who can stay awake longer than most people, but then sleep for more than eight hours.
Alligator in pursuit: For people like night shift workers who are up all night.
Tired shark: This symbol belongs to those who have a lot of sleep disturbance.
Although this information cannot be very precise and scientific, but it can provide useful data about the sleep pattern of users.

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