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1MORE iBFree in-Ear Earphones review 

When you open the lid of the box, you are faced with one of four colors of the product, which are generally youth-friendly and will match sportswear. Red, turquoise, phosphor green and of course gray are also considered for users who like simpler colors.

Technical features:

  • Maximum board: 10
  • Type of drivers: Dynamic
  • Resistance: 25 ohms
  • Frequency range: 20 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Sensitivity: 105 dB (1 milliwatt)
  • Battery life: 8 hours
  • Standby time: 240 hours
  • Bluetooth version: 4.1
  • Has a microphone
  • Resistant to splashing water
  • Codecs: APT-X and AAC
  • Weight: 14 grams
  • Android and iOS support
1MORE iBFree in-Ear

Although the size of the aluminum earphones of iBFree headphones seems big, but most of it is outside the ear and you don’t feel much of the product’s weight of 14 grams. There are 3 buttons on the plastic wire that connects the two headphones to each other, which are used to increase and decrease the volume, stop and play music, or answer calls. The conversation microphone is located on this part and an LED light is installed next to it to show the charging status.

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The IPX4 certification means that splashing water on the iBFree headphones will not cause any problems in its performance, so there is no need to worry about using the device in the rain or during exercise. The micro USB port is also covered with a cover to protect against water, which reminds of the first water-resistant Sony mobile phones.

Overall, iBFree headphones receive an acceptable score in terms of design and build quality in this section, especially since the manufacturing company emphasizes the strength and resistance of its products, and it does not seem to be a problem for 1 Moore wireless headphones to be used in difficult conditions

Performance and sound quality

This headphone is made to be with the user during exercise, and accordingly, it is fixed inside the ear with proper stability. iBFree earmuffs prevent outside sound from entering your ears well, but if the default sample size is not suitable, you can replace them with 3 other sizes that are in the box to achieve the best results. After turning on the headphones, it announces the battery level with 3 options: full, medium and low, and the pairing of the device is done quickly.

But the buttons on the body are not very comfortable. First, the distinction between them is not obvious by touch, and until you get used to the exact location of each, you will probably press the pause button instead of volume up a few times. Second, you have to hold down the volume up and down buttons for a longer time to move the music back and forth, but sometimes this function is not done correctly. Perhaps it would have been better if the manufacturer assigned the task of moving the music back and forth to the middle button, and this was done by pressing the button two or three times quickly.

iBFree pairs with your mobile with Bluetooth 4.1 and supports the aptX codec, which enables the playback of high-resolution music files with this product. Based on the experience of using this product for a few days, the useful range of the device in the open air reaches up to 10 meters, as stated by the manufacturer, but this value can be reduced by half depending on the type of walls and the arrangement of the equipment indoors.

The battery life of the product reaches 8 hours, which is an acceptable figure, but it can be less if you listen to music loudly all the time. For comparison, consider the $200 Beats Bluetooth headphones, which are one of the best in the market in terms of battery life, reaching 12 hours, but Van Moore provides you with 8 hours of music playback for $60. . The battery is fully charged in 2 hours, and thanks to the fast charging support, 15 minutes of battery charging will be enough for 1 hour of music playback.

Before addressing the sound quality of these headphones, it is not bad to mention that Luca Bignardi has set the iBFree sound quality, an Italian sound engineer who has a Grammy Award in his history. The iBFree’s sound clarity, clarity, and resolution are quite comparable to similarly priced products, but unlike many sports headphones, don’t expect pounding bass from this product. Of course, it cannot be said that iBFree does not have a good bass, but it must be said that the lower frequencies are played stronger than the bass.

Performance and sound quality-1MoreHeadphone

Hip-hop, pop, electronic, rock and classical can all be listened to and enjoyed with Van Moore headphones, but personally, listening to classical music and acoustic instruments with these headphones was more enjoyable for me. In any case, it must be said that if most of your time is spent listening to styles with pounding bass like trance, you should probably look for another product, but if sound separation and clarity are more important, iBFree is a more suitable option. .

Fortunately, turning up the volume does not lead to an increase in distortion, and you can increase the volume of the music as much as you want without losing quality. Middle frequencies are played with good clarity and this issue will lead to an acceptable playback of the singer’s voice.

The main weakness of the device’s sound playback is the following frequencies, which sometimes sound too sharp, and this can be annoying in some music, so you have to turn down the volume of the headphones.

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positive points:

Economic price
Good sound quality
Decent battery life
Water resistance


The buttons are not comfortable
Greater power of the following frequencies than the bass

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